A compilation of the best female orgasm videos of 2019

What better memories can a man have other than those of: a woman’s clit protruding from her blissful folds; an irresistibly wet cunt overflowing down sweet looking thighs; the feeling of grinding your fingers down some soggy hot cream; the delicate feel of a woman’s breast and nipples in his mouth; the priceless feeling of sliding down some hot wet pussy, and ultimately that climax moment we are always almost feverishly looking forward to. The main fucking score! Whether it’s a massive squirt or just a normal juices flow, nothing can quite beat the satisfaction it brings forth. We all fucking adore this shit, and that’s why when I was putting some thought into what you might be missing out on, these glorious cum-filled moments crossed my mind. Enjoy!

1. Erotic massage ends with a first time squirt for sexy girlfriend

Girls love teases, and I don’t think any of the ideas you have or have had over the years can beat this slow sensual massage antics. This dude is gifted with loving hands that in return seem well nurtured for a nice firm touch especially around her round bubble butt sliding all the fucking way across her thighs to her legs. I can only imagine how delirious she must be feeling with all the feelings in crazy ecstasy. Oh! And it gets better when he finally begins to stroke her engorged clit and slowly dipping his fingers into her teeming pond, driving all her pleasure well coo coo to finally break into some sweet water shattering splash. Trust me, teen or no teen, this petite girl hits the height of her horniness pretty much like a wild nasty bitch. Can’t even believe it’s actually her first.

2. Best female orgasm ever

This could as well be the most real orgasm ever from a frantic amateur porn video. I can only imagine how good that sucker is feeling with hot creamy juices flowing down his dick like magma from a vigorous eruption. Who wouldn’t love that mates? It’s only a good dick ride when it ends up with your woman grasping for breath due to loss of control from all the mind-blowing orgasms shooting through her body. Just so you know, this is my type of shit and if you don’t like it, then you may as well get someone to dig into your sugar pond, you lame-ass motherfucker!

3. Multiple orgasms, cuming hard 5 times

Five cums is epic man! Most of you lousy dickheads haven’t hit three in a row but not to worry because you could learn a thing or two from this dude. He’s got some inordinate pumping power, pinning this bitch harder to himself and steering deeper and deeper into her already dripping wet tight pussy. Meanwhile, she continuously gives some squeamish sounds in between the squishy sounds of her pussy being dug into pretty intensely. Huge wrecking multiple organisms shoot through her body as if in a seismic delusional ecstasy.